February 11, 2005

Wednesday: Not all bad

(Yes I do know its Friday)

So we booked the flight. Its still with Cathay Pacific, with an overnight in Hong Kong, staying at the Imperial hotel. Sounds good.

We did however wait close to 30 minutes in the travel agent to be served. Which was a bit of a drag.

I really wish my Naruto fansubs would download faster. My last torrent was the fastest yet (probably benifitted from a 20 hour stint on Wednesday) taking only 4 days. But now I've watched them all =(

I think I'll wait a bit before I take Tumbleweed's tip of masking the subtitles and seeing how much of the words you can understand.

In other Japanese learning news the
13 Secrets book I borrowed from the library is very good. It is designed for someone who already has an understanding of Japanese language, of about a senior high school "pass" level. You can make sentances, but they often seem sort of "planned".

I have to update AO with a patch before I can play it, it looks like it might take a few, so I'll do some housecleaning while thats running.

Rained yesterday, so its pleasantly cooler today.

PS - themissingpieces (I have absolutely no idea...)


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