February 18, 2005

The recipe isn't perect

dokusoukai kampekijanai

Here's your science goodinesses...
  • Speeding Star will escape the Milky Way - apparent at 700km/hr SDSS J090745.0+024507 (yes, they are working on a better name - "The Outcast Star") just set the "fastest star" record - n@n
  • 'Heart renewing' cells discovered - bless my black ischemic heart, this is very useful, but still "Therapeutic use of these cells is many years away" - n@n
  • Tree-living ants glide to safely - Apparently, you can use a fat ass (err... abdomen) to control your fall, this prevents clumsy ants from being seperated from the colony - n@n
  • Black holes bend light the wrong way - every now again in science we come across something which makes us go "oops, we've been wrong all the long", apparently we may have been wrong about how black holes bend light, which means all our star maps may need to be re-written because they are mirror images of reality - n@n
  • Courts weigh in on embryos - much like the scientific ignorance that lead to life patents, courts seem on the same road again, paving the way for anti-abortinists, anti-stem cell, and technophobes in general, by allowing embryos to be counted as human life, nevermind this couple could sue on other grounds such as negligence, property damage, causing emotional distress etc - The Scientist
  • Traffic pollution revs up allergens - products from exhast fumes help form large multi-valent allergens, boosting their allergenic potential - n@n
  • Compete last, finish first - No matter what the competition - gymnastics, skating, singing - going last before the judges seems to boost your score 9and your chances of winning) - Maybe for the next Idol show people will be fighting for last place in the lines - n@n
A passing sparker is worried about robots, and he might have a point, robots (including war-robots) have been getting a lot of press lately:
PS - Packing Brains?


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