February 17, 2005

Running on fumes

Well my computer just took 14 hours to do a virus-scan - the normal time being 4 hours on a bad day. In teh end it found no viruses, but it did find 173 errors. That can't be good. last week it was only 17.

My computer won't compress files, won't complete and error check, and won't complete a spyware scan.

Oh, it can't really recognise that the Windows XP SP2 components are Windows components anymore, or something like that.

Other than those issues, its running perfectly (except for Anarchy Online - and almost any 3d-heavy game). I'm dreading trying to reset it to see if that makes it any better.

Ask a friend if they believe that rocks can think.

And if they say no, ask them what they think a computer is.

Its a thinking rock. Silicon = rock. Operates by electricity, so do you. Its thinking.

I wonder if there were Silicon-based lifeforms, maybe they'd have carbon-based computers, and laugh at the idea of talking, thinking, feeling charcoal.

Hey, I've promised madness ok.



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