February 19, 2005

Unemotional Baggage

A month later, and I get some Birthday presents.

Some brand-spanky new luggage.

We did end up getting the slightly-too-big-for-carry-on--but-perfect-otherwise bag. The idea is that it will go inside the larger suitcase as stowed luggage. This frees up another bag (probably the black sort-of-hard-to-see one - sister's gift) to take as carry on luggage.

The package came nicely under $300, which is cheaper than a single large-size Samsonite suitcase we saw elsewhere (which had poor interior design to boot). It includes:
  • A large hard-cover case. Durable and flexible to take the beatings of baggage handling. (Lanza X-Trail* 29" - Silver)
  • The perfect-case. Medium sized, and expandable. Perfect for both overnight and week-long trips. (Lanza EVA II - Charcoal)
  • A nice black tote bag, with pockets galore. And fits nicely on the trolley handles of the other luggage for easy travelling. (Lanza Tote Bag - Black)
  • and a bonus Shoe Polish kit
Some more pictures:

-large one
-same opened
- odd, this looks blue and very out of focus (I wonder whose fault that might be?)

Mandatory winge: I felt like a jackass carting the luggage through the shopping centre back to car.

PS - Brazil in Japan


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