February 21, 2005

Talking Wall

I'm still slightly paranoid that I'm going to be crap at proper English at times.
But then again, I'm also paranoid I'm going to forget English entirely being in a foreign-language speaking country.

Why am I so impressionable.

I need to eat more to qualm my anxiety. Thats why I bought Cornflakes today. Yum Yum.


I am surprised that University students aren't actually officially allowed to foreign english tutoring of anykind. Not even private cheap-ass tutoring. I could understand official organisations, and JET requiring some sort of official accreditation, or educational certificate. But students do have to pay whiel they are studying. I know there were several students supplying language tutoring while I was at uni for Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin.

Anyway IMO its good news they are letting this loose. Hundreds were probably doing it anyway. This allows police to crack down real criminals. And allows budget language education for the masses.

Another cool Japan resource, specifically for Language Teachers : http://www.teaching-in-japan.com/blog/

PS - Australian Inventions


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