February 20, 2005

Free Pr0n Magic: Take 2

Ok I've been looking through the stats, it does seem that the FREE PORN MAGIC FOR YOU stunt does work. As my highest single day visitors did occur on the following day, the 23rd (15 of the sad porn-hungry suckers).

So imagine what the traffic would be with pictures, and no I'm not talking about more vegetables, freaks. (Though they are still growing in the pantry, and a third one has spawned as well...)

I found these while looking for Bloggers who like Spiderbait.
Mellisah from Perth does, and she had these pictures of swimwear that is simultaneously absolutely insane and extremely hot, from Japan too. I have extreme doubts as to whether thes ephotographs are authentic or not, particularly the first, which looks airbrushed.

If you don't like scantily clad women, don't look. If you do ...

So tell me what you think. Real or fake?

Also if you can work out how they manage to stay on particularly number 3, I'll be impressed.

Sidenote: a quick google search for FREE PORN MAGIC FOR YOU turns up mostly lonely (and not-so lonely) blogs looking for traffic or reporting the original article.



At Tue. Feb. 22, 11:56:00 pm AEST, Blogger ZayZayEM said...

After a bit of discussion we are deciding fake.

You can notice tell-tale bluring caused by airbrushing in quite a few of the photos.


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