February 26, 2005

Megastar in a geek's world

Superstar freakalicious headline:

I'm a [expletive removed for the kiddies] scientist as of today.

Check the bizzizzschnitt out peoples:

This is me at my graduation. (and my hand is ABOVE my crotch; its holding back the silly billowing sash)
Its the only picture I took. Because I was stuck in line for professional portrait pictures all afternoon. So I couldn't grab any pics with classmates or Graham in his puffy purple pimp get-up.

Luckily I lent my sister the camera during the procession, and while my scanner drives just got demolished by my antsy motherboard, so I can't actually show you my degree, here's me receiving it:


Ok maybe I'll lay of the fuh-hizzile schamizzle...

I guess I'm happy about it. Its a pretty cool accomplishment. Apparently, less than 20% of Australia has a Bachelor's degree. So I just became elite in at least something. Now I'm off to use my science degree to teach English in a foreign country.

Bwahaha. Suckers.



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