February 23, 2005


I really wish my crappy computer would let asian characters through (or maybe I had the skills to do so).

"Sugoi" is a pretty interesting word in Japanese, meaning both "wonderful" and "awful". In other words: "Sugoi" - wow this dinner is absolutely delicious. Or "Sugoi" I just crapped myself because a three headed tentacle monster stole my lunch money (as they do).

I don't like seafood. I mean the smell of any living creature (well any dead creature actually) that has come from the sea whether prawn, fish, or cephalopod can make me dry-retch, its only slightly better after they are cooked. Its the esters, and they soak into the very air about. I think this is probably going to be a bit of a problem in Japan, especially going to coastal area that allegedly has really big fish markets. Yay. I'm still unsure as to whether there is a polite way of refusing food, short of coming up with mock religious beliefs (serious no-no).

Going through the "culniary reader" of my lonelyplanets guide I have come across several dishes which I'm not really keen on:
  • geso - squid tentacles
  • hoya - sea squirt mixed with cucumber & vinegar; eaten raw
  • hyakuhiro - boiled whale intestine
  • idako - "rice octopous" - small octopus filled with eggs, the eggs resemble rice (this I wouldn't mind looking)
  • kaizoku ryōri - "pirate food" - seafood that is BBQ'd alive (this I also wouldn't mind watching, yes I'm cruel and sadistic you tree-hugging PETA eco-terrorists)
  • ko no wata - salted sea cucumber intestine
  • shittsuru - fermented fish sauce
Seriously, pirate food sounds like family fun entertainment.

My seafood aversion aside, I'm game for Natto, no matter what anyone tries to say to disuade me.

PS - DJ I Have No Friends


At Thu. Feb. 24, 09:41:00 am AEST, Blogger Michel Lafleur said...

I for one commend your sense of culinary adventure. Even though I will soon, like you, be experiencing the many new and exotic savours Japan has to offer, I am quite certain that Natto will not make it on my list of dishes to try.

At Fri. Feb. 25, 10:38:00 am AEST, Blogger Hil said...

You are cruel and sadistic,
but... yes, it would be kind of cool to see that.

(and I'm an almost, but not quite, tree-hugger)

Also, guess what? I actually listened to you. I integrated more color into my blog (although, a little too much methinks.) It's a person with a hangover's nightmare. hah.

let them hurt.


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