March 01, 2005

Tako Taco: More Cuisine

I finished reading through my Japanese cookbook over the weekend. Surprisingly finding around 22 recipes I thought would taste nice, and I have the skill to prepare and cook the ingredients.

An interesting thing:

Do not automatically expect a taco when offered "Tako" (タコ) in Japan. LP phrasebook tells me this is "Octopus". Doing an interwiki* check at wikipedia, shows a Mexican Taco to be "Takosu" (タコス). I wonder if you couild get a タコ-タコス? I wouldn't be too surprised.

I was going to attempt some crappy art incorporating Robman's Cthulthu in a nightamre sequence. But as my PMSing computer has decided that my scanner is not a valid attachment anymore you can do with this piece of art:

Sadly, I probably won't be doing much of any trialing of these recipes before I actually hit Japan, due to a low availability of wakame, daikon, nori, sake and mirin, in the CQ area (any I do find will most likely be poor quality and/or ridiculously overpriced). Some top picks though were:
  • "Yakisoba" - shiitake mushrooms, bacon, sliced beef, and assorted vegetables stir fried with yakisoba noodles, served with a tomato-rice wine sauce, garnish with ginger and nori
  • "Deep fried marinated chiken" - marinade ginger/soy/mirin
  • "Chicken teriyaki"
  • "Simmered daikon" - a vegetarian snack
  • "Japanese hamburger" - ok its not traditional, but nice and meaty nonetheless
*J-Wiki also where I am stealing kana from - anyone who can tell me where a list of unicode combinations, or whatever, would be thanked.

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