March 06, 2005

Why don't more travellers like South America?

For all its pros; such as hot chicks, wild parties, and drugs (oh, and "untouched natural splendour of nature and tribes untouched by civilisation"); South America isn't high on the list of many practical travellers "will actually go to" list. It is high on the "to do" - imaginary fantasy world- list, but will they actually go there, pig's arse.

Why not? Well ... Kidnapping for one. But I think the pig problem is fish that swim into your penis and get hooked there and proceeds to chew your man bits!!!!

No man can think about the Candiru fish and even dream of going near the Amazon again. I just watched first part of three part BBC documentary Body Snatchers on the ABC yesterday. It actually featured my first actual sighting of the size of these fish. I thought they were these microscopic things that ballooned in your member, and maybe stung quite a bit. No they are finger-size eel-ish critters with hooks half the size of there body, and they like twitch and gnaw away at what they hook into.

Yep. I apologise South America. No sane male is going to want to go near the Amazon after reading this.

Bizzare was the calm tone used by the doctor describing a poor victim, he said the victim was feverish, howling and praying for relief; the doctor's opinion, "I think it is very painful". He THINKS!!!! I'm hoping that's "think" as in "I don't know from personal experience, so I am hypothesing, even though I know with a high degree assurity it is actually so".

Anyway to appease male visitors after having to read that - you can take a look at this fake stipples from Japan, via GadgetMadness.

Also this weekend, joined two new web-community things. You know where you invite your friends, and they invite their friends etc. So you can see which of your friends you thuoght you had, won't actually recognize you online. Fascist bastards. You know you're on my "list" now. Just kidding. Anyway, Orkut seems better than Hyves, and both are better than Hi-5, if just by the virtue of being not-American (Brazillian [i think] and Dutch respectively), and thus slightly less loaded with immature pompous gits and twits who just add everybody, as well as net-scam whores. Yay! I bet they are all some secret government keeping tabs on things (Let's ignore that I whole-heartedly support Big Brother for a second here)
This Hi-5 is much sexier anyway =P

PS - Shalankom Bazakay?



At Tue. Mar. 08, 03:32:00 pm AEST, Blogger Hil said...

"No sane male is going to want to go near the Amazon after reading this."

Hmm, no, maybe not. But the insane female (me) still wants to go there. Maybe I could lure some yound egotistical men into the water (an australian version of an amazon siren) and help karma work her magic (well, the fish will help as well.)

Have you got your hobby yet? (maybe not yoga and painting at the same time, but... it was just a thought.)


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