March 08, 2005

Cheap laughs

Unbeknownst to me until about 2002, Calvin and Hobbes was actually ended by Bill Waterson in the mid 90s. Now, some sheltered people in Australia don't even know who the mischevious six-year old and his pet tiger is, but I must've grown up on this stuff since 'ever.

So thanks to Lindsay I present to you the Complete Calvin and Hobbes Archive (1985-1995). also says that a book, featuring ALL the strips, will be released (North America) in September this year. Me and my brother (I think mostly my brother, but like most comic-strip* collections they become family things while you are in the same house) have a few collections, and when I first started perusing the collection, I thought maybe I had actually read all the strips; until i reached mid-1987 whereon I was pleased to find whole storylines I hadn't seen before. Yay.

*not to be confused with comic-books, which should be rightly guarded and horded away from prying fingers

PS - GET YE THE BOOTY YE DESERVE!! (Anti-ninja pro-pirate propaganda)



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