March 15, 2005

There was an old woman who swallowed a fly...

[Aaargh... fudge it... it ate my post!!]

The other day while trying to explain, to a much more sober Briana, the concept of Pica, I came across this article of weirdness in reality, rivaling something of Dr Karl's:
The Woman Who Vomited Frogs
While you will discover it was an elaborate not-exactly explained hoax, the woman did actually swallow flies as well. You'll also discover all manner of weird facts associated wth psychological gastronomic disorders. Learn how to vomit your own frogs (amaze your friends!). Learn about an obsessed woman who followed her husband about to collect and consume his cigarette ash. And a small list of things doctor's and emergency departments have found shoved up people's asses (a larger list can be found here)

Why was I explaining Pica? Because I occasionally eat paper (newspaper is best!). And I was commenting that the Japanese paper is so nice, i haven't eaten it yet. Its not pathological, I'm not a freak, and its more of a chewing really...* Plastic things, like pens, remotes and pencils (okay, and wood) also have get the occassional gnawing. Tonight I managed to reduce the broken plastic strap of my watch to a nice pile of rubble (cheap Nike manufacturing). I managed to get through Microbiology lessons and labs (and most other labs) without object-mouth contact (FOMITES!!) so you can all stop looking at me like that.

Other news: Finished Calvin and Hobbes. Mailed a letter.

*the preceeding sentance in no way resembles denial^
^nor that`
`or that one either... err...




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