March 14, 2005

Two months to go

I guess its some sort of marking point (I missed day 100, so I guess I'll wait till day 50 before counting).

Two months until I get to Japan.

Today I received another funky package from Japan. This time a "hello" from the current teacher at Hitachi's Amity school, plus some well received tourist info. Most of the internet, and major guidebooks have been devoid of any mention of Hitachi, which can lead one to thinking it is a veritable black hole of happenings. Hopefully, if the regional guide is anything, it is not. It has the largest zoo in the northern Kanto area with over 120 species (cool - ought to have monkeys somewhere), luverly beaches for swimming, surfing and baking. Mountainous hiking areas with natural springs, and ancient shrines.

I do feel bad though, because I haven't sent my "hello" letter yet. Given the size of the luverly package I got (and it was all on beautiful Japanese paper - it's wonderful stuff), I have decide to go with "letter", rther than just a postcard. And if I can get the Kodak-machine thing to work tomorrow I'll add a picture from my computer (I could probably just print it and save the hassle, but meh). So tomorrow I'll send that, and then on Wednesday probably e-mail one or other of the teachers there with some other pictures.

Oh-joy-today: My scanner is working again. (You can click on images to see larger ones)

So here is the postcard (I live behind the house two houses left of the big pine tree across the bay on the cliff):

and My Graduation:

Other minor news: My watch broke. So like a few other things I have the option of buying something tacky here for the next two months, or just holding out before I can buy something superiorly manufactured from Japan.

Also need some more business-style shirts. "Formal" for me is wearing something with buttons. My impression is that rates 'casual' in Japan. Luckily because I don't wear out my Winter-style good clothes anywhere near as fast as my Summer stuff, I'm not really needing to invest as much in that area.

There is also a freakin' spider building a massive web just outside my front door. Freaked me out when I was putting out the garbage. But then it was cool, too bad none of the pictures I tried to take actually worked.

Embarassment last night. Sending some random e-mails to try an get some Japanese pen-pals online, accidentally put down 十二歳 (12 years old) instead of
歳 (20) - there are some drawbacks to making a form letter and spinning off copies. Do'h. I think I sent 7 like that before I noticed the mistake in time for the last 3. I did put 20 in the English version, but still it does make me look a stupid (which of course, I am not... =P )

PS - AEON can Suck My Balls - this guy just inspires me with confidence about my future



At Tue. Mar. 15, 02:23:00 pm AEST, Blogger Michel Lafleur said...

Yeah that AEON blog was just great wasn't it? I don't know if he was expecting to be met at the training session by 12 Geishas ready to show him what Japan was really about... seems his expectations may have been a little bit too high...


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