March 12, 2005

Love the season you're in

Busy day.

I helped my Dad move house from Rockhampton to Yeppoon today. Lots of heavy lifting. We filled a rather large removalist truck with assorted furniture, appliances and oh, yes, files and very heavy National geographics (apparently its the gloss).

On the plus side, while he drove the truck, I was driving his car going from Rocky-Emu Park-Yeppoon-Emu Park-Rocky-Yeppoon. Unsupervised, in rain, and at night (supervised then though :( ). Though most people don't get why I feel great about this. But those elitist snobs have their own cars, or vehicle-of-choice. In Japan the status of being liscensed without anything to drive is known as ペパードライバ (paper driver).

Coastal rain also made it a joy to unload the truck... I've come to the conclusion that no matter what the weather is , its shit, unless its unseasonal. In winter, its too cold. In summer its too hot. When it rains its too wet. When its muggy, its too humid. When its dry, its a drought causing a national emergency. Why can't we have mediocre weather for once!!? Maybe I am blowing this out of proportion, it was rather light rain at Dad's new place, so it didn't really matter much. [see cartoon below]

Have done more research on Japan from library resources. Also bought a local postcard (almost showing my house...) to send to the Hitachi-school next week sometime. If I get my scanner working, I'll put the picture up, as well as the professional graduation pictures, which came in the mail yesterday.

New books from the library include a Lonely Planet Guide to Japan, A Working Holiday Guide: Japan (for Aus & NZ), Action Japanese ("Colloquial Japanese"*), and a beginners audiobook Japanese tutorial. I also got out 13 secrets again, just to write down some of the corny jokes for memorisation:

Q. いつも 笑って いる 家族 は だれ?
Which member of your family is always laughing?
A. ハハ
”Haha" (Japanese for "Mum")
Haha indeed...

Okay, I am tragic. But I know it. (Maybe that just makes it worse?)

*Which really makes me wonder if they shall be just as useless as "Colloquial Australian" guides in practicality

PS - "What Zay Say"



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