March 16, 2005

Every time you use Microsoft, God kills a kitten

I swear when I buy a computer it will be a Macintosh. And will use as little Microsoft components I can get away with.

I don't care about FPS so much. I might miss MMORPGs, but most decent strategy games have a Mac-port, and really an awesome Strat (live Civilisation III) is all you need.

Office is fecking up. Won't install SP3 and my mother is getting antsy because she wants to type something rather important up, and she can't get beyond a second line before Word crashes on her (thankfully I'm not at school anymore, so that little selfish part in me doesn't frankly care too much).

Anyway, I should probably get back to solving the problem.

Here are two of the cutest (I mean cute, not vomitting "cute", a nice sweet innocent fun and dorky sort of cute) Flash animations I have ever seen. I think they are from Korea, but don't worry, its non-speaking toons. And if I'm going to be honest, I found these two gems from a porn blog which I "accidentally" ended up in while Tag surfing. Anyway, don't worry, no matter what my sources might be, these animations are absolutely child-safe.
Ddautta (There She Is)

Cake Dance (the sequel to There She Is)
Trust me: Soooo Cute. Both by

I'm sure something more MANLY will be posted tomorrow




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