March 19, 2005

Musical Meme

Unabashedly stolen from HERE.

Here are the rules:

Step 1: Put your media player on random.
Step 2: Pick your favorite lines from the first 20 songs that play.
Step 3: Post and let everyone guess what song the lyrics are from.

For me this was a bit of plunge. My playlist my computer is large: 1812 items, 3.5 GB, Est. Time - 71:32:45 (IF I'M READING THAT CORRECTLY, ALMOST 3 DAYS) Mind you, it doesn't include every song on my PC, but it does include a lot of crap, wordless techno, a few Japanese, Korean and Russian songs, and a lot of covers. So anyway lets see what we can discover:
1. 25 years old, my mother god rest her soul
2. Your my Doll, Rock and Roll
3. Little kids go out to play,\ They're just happy it's another day
4. I must be fine cause my heart's still beating
5. Well I might be stupid for the rest of my life \ But I’ll never be stupid to you again
6. I'm stuck inside an empty page.
7. I don't need nobody got my honeys When I go
8. Stuck in a fight but there's nobody else just you
9. you're sick with salmonella \ You get your Ph.D
10. Come into my life so I can sing
11. This paint by numbers life is f***ing with my head, once again
12. I am still living with your ghost
13. You know my name's Adam stop callin' me Phyllis
14. He's up to his old dirty tricks again
15. I may be young at heart \ But I know what I'm saying
16. Love is all we need
17. Squeezin like Freddie Foxx, and his two glocks
18. i could be just like the calm before the storm, boy, waitin for all hell yeah to break loose
19. The choice is yours - its me or you,
20. Won't you take a chance my friend \You've got nothing to lose in the en
As a bonus I'll add 5 more songs which I actually like, with true favourite lyrics:
  1. I still love you the Girl from Mars (well thats difficult to guess)
  2. And we get busy,\ Listen to Mozart and Phil Izzy,\ And we drink and we fall down dizzy
  3. No matter what you like,\ Aliens hate it
  4. When to a party last Saturday Night, \couldn't get laid, got into a fight
  5. One time when your boyfriend answered \ I pretended I was selling mobile phones

Can you guess them all?

I think I'll make this another Blogshares mission...
(Windows_Sucks_Balls is still awaiting entries)

PS - Folk Nazis



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