March 23, 2005

Hmmm... Mess

Looking at the piles of paper with random crap typed, scribbled, and scarwled upon them that surround my computer, I get the sneaking suspicion that some serious Spring cleaning would be in order (even though down here, its Autumn).

So thats officially on my procrastinator list. Along with buying more clothes (I'll wait till after school holidays are over). And my visa application, which I now have sorted out how I'm doing it (there was some vague vain thought my sister might be going to Brisbane next week - alas, I have to do it by post).

Absolute proof of my boredom is that I've signed up with my third Neopet account. They do have awesome-est flash games on the internet, with about 99% reliability that they won't send you to porn, spyware, or other malicious things. You only have to suffer overt cuteness, encouraging kids to gamble, and rampant banner advertisement.

Kumo_mushi (Spider_bug [日本語] - paid attention to my vocab list did you?), a blue Ruki, joins the ranks of Spazzh the Mynci and Tzarack the Zafara, both of whom are starving. My favourite games on the system are Faerie Cloud Races, Faerie Bubbles, Bumper Cars, Dubloon Disaster, Extreme Herder, Meerca Chase, Warf Rescue, and I should probably stop there...

Also discovered that Tim-Tams would be cool with customs if I wanted to take a few packets over to Japan. Probably should take some Vegemite too, even though I wouldn't touch the stuff myself.

PS - Hello Kitty Sushi


meyazyaz got their Neopet at


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