March 22, 2005

" It's like a glorified game of Chinese whispers, only with more pornography."

That quote comes from HERE about The Internet in General. SOLID GOLD.
The article is about a pretty brave (and successful!) internet hoax about John Rhys-Davies' involvement in the upcoming Star Wars flick (he is NOT in it) launched by the Rubber Chicken.

Who the hell came up with the name "General Grevious", it sounds like a complaint of the geriatric:
"Oh whats the matter with you"
"Just a General Grevious about me, doc"

Why am I looking up Star Wars information on the internet like some run-of-the-mill agrophobic geek with a Warhammer collection? Because while watching Rove[live] tonight (and some very embarrasing Charading for poor Hayden Christensenn) - I discover the
world-wide opening of Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith is May 19th.


I'll be in Japan. Now it could be worse, I could be like in some remote outpost in Nepal (because I just occasionally pop out there you know...). But still it means that its a likely possibility of watching in either Japanese with English subtitles or English with Japanese subtitles. Or missing out on it all together because of training. But I have a feeling more than likely many of the fellow recruits aged 20-30 will be wanting to watch the movie as I am. So guess what movie I'm likely to be seeing in Japanese theatre first?

I also want to see Hating Alison Ashley, even though its marked as trash witha platinum Delta. I guess it was kind of doomed to fail. Not only did they shift the children up a few years, but they used "children" to cast it. I remember see this on stage, as well as with a few Grin & Tonic school shows, nothing beats a couple of 20-somethings making asses of themselves in tight school shorts and suspenders, or trouncing about like 12 year olds. Its hilarious, and the way Australian set-in-school theatre was meant to be.

One can only have better hopes for 48 Shades of Brown. Of course, I haven't watched it yet, so it could be brilliant and as usual reviewers are stuffy toffs with man-crushes on Cary Grant. Who knows?

PS - French Erotic film or Colin Mochrie vs. Jesus H. Christ (NEED FLASH)



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