March 29, 2005

Testing 123

Okay this is mediocre test:

There is countdown scrript here which will tell me how many days left to go till I leave on May 13th.

[Didn't work --> Java script was refused in posting-text - however it is in the header block now - JS is fine up there it seems]

I got it from here, but if it works, you can just click on the numbers to go to the site.

If it doesn't work (it doesn't show up on "preview") at least you can look at these things:

  • This Japanese movie (hadashino pikunikku - "picnic of barefeet" or literally "Down the Drain") looks cool. Innocent Schoolgirl in a series of unfortunate events.
  • Japan has announced its 16th confirmed case of Mad Cow/BSE. Looks like I'll be searching for Australian beef over in Japan. It also doesn't place much confidence in Japan's perfect system for keeping BSE out. They have got it from the US, who got it from UK/France. Australia is BSE free AFAIK, but has had trouble with CJD (the human form) which contaminated a hospital last year, which is suspected to have origins in human visitors from Europe, not bovines. Nasty prions. I love meat - and my usual technique of charring it to death doesn't help vs. prions.

PS - Lab or Torture Chamber?


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