March 28, 2005

Local film about Local film

Oh, 47 days and counting - I think I'm just going to grab an automatic counter, from over here

My Yeppoon Technorati feed, as well as supplying me with endless tirades against
Bruce Accutt, pointed me in the direction of this entry in filmtheatres blog. Apparently these people are making a documentary about cinema in Yeppoon - which sadly closed down last year. Though the new Strand establishment has now planned for a cinema somewhere. More about the documentary will appear at

Last year, when I was getting excited about Wikipedia, I read a book about the local area. I discovered Yeppoon/CQ has a very interesting history in which lots of little interesting things happen to interesting people - but overall the net result is what you have today - something (that on a casual glance) is not all that interesting. Which sucks, because people's attention spans (including my own) really don't care for things that aren't that interesting from the start.

Mayor Ludwig has now started gunning for Cap-Coast status as a city, which is probably a great idea, that will suck unnecessary funding from Rockhampton City Council - and put it where its needed - where people actually live - on the coast.

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