April 02, 2005

Chirpy Happy Tune Power

I'm tragic. There is a certain mind-numbing joy of listening to Hi-5 (okay, I freakin' love the stuff - told you tragic). I have a feeling that they may be to fast for a non-native speaker to udnerstand. But they do seem to have pop-power to rival some Puffy Ami Yumi and other J-pop I have heard.

I'm pretty much now set as far as organising things for Japan. Everything else is a bit accessory. I wouldn't mind a few more ties (YES! refound this gem); a beach towel featuring something Australian (i dunno, koalas?); the local newsagents has some nice playing cards with kangaroos and koalas on them; a boomerang (I already own a bullroarer for some reason) - I'm concerned about finding space to use either; plus some cute stuff for omiyage. Might also pick up some extra shirts, socks, and sweaters/jackets. I'm also going to try and see how well the things I alreay have fit and pack into my cases. And how much they weigh.

Also will have to remember Tim Tams, and maybe vegemite.

Hopefully visa will be back by Friday - if not I'll get worried.

Then I'll start cleaning the house so Mum isn't left with an absolute mess. And finally just start burning CDs like mad. I hope they don't think I'm smuggling computer porn or anything.

PS - If you are a 40K Gamer (I mean it seriously, only if you are... there's 312 of them, including some repeats)


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