April 01, 2005

The sunshine from my heart is pure ice

The Vampire Novel
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Link: The What Kind Of Book Are You Test written by saucygirl on OkCupid Online Dating

I am not getting to the Sunshine Coast before I leave - I just don't see how I could work it. Damn it. I wish I had a car. Or the money for the train. Or you could hitchhike without the fear of molestation or crazy highway-drivers who'd like to put you in barrels or some rainforest undergrowth (or a bit of both) - I do not recommend hitchhiking in Australia. Particularly the more southern states - and definitely nowhere near Adelaide.

For those of you who caught Colin Mochrie's battle with Jesus H. Christ in French Erotic Film - check out the sequels - where Colin fights back against plastic-Jesus' fascist rule of TEH WORLD. Plan 9 From Underpants and Colin vs Jesus:Finale. Yes, the internet is fucking insane. And people wondered why I was pissy that Flash wasn't covered in my Multimedia course.

As well as 80's music - I got the latest Runelords book from the library. The problem with waiting a few years between reading fantasy books with plenty of developed characters is remembering who the hell everybody is, what they were doing,a nd who died, why, whose got vendettas, whose possessed by demons, whos a mole, whose traitorous, what the hell is a locus .... aaaargh

Also Read another of PGL's shortlisted scripts: Lying Bitch in the Wardrobe. Review:
Although it subtle, the script appears to be set in Australia (references to John Howard among others) - but the story could really be set anywhere. The story starts of very slow, and certainly didn't go anywhere I thought it would - but I was quite impressed with the final result. I originally thought the reflection-comes-to-life combined with the Narnia reference would lead to a hostile Monkeybone-esque alter-ego takeover. This fate is narrowly avoided. Its a good script, could do with honing - including a name change - perhaps Mirror, Mirror (but that was a Saturday-morning children's timetravelling adventure series several years back). And I don't exactly get where the story actually goes, or what is learned, if I'm missing some pivotal point the script is trying to convey about madness, society or how we perceive ourselves. Anyway, it ends up being fun and enjoyable - a bit on a par with Dating the Enemy - another oddball out-of-body Aussie psychological comedy.
Also if I didn't mention it earlier Unorganised Crime is SOLID BLOODY GOLD for an Australian storyline crime-comedy in the vein of Pulp Fiction, Lock Stock or the more local Two Hands - but still plenty original --- plus as a bonus its set on the Gold Coast. Awesome from the get go. Hope it gets somewhere.



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