April 01, 2005

Gullible witha capital G

Aaargh. I thought I was safe from April Fools.

But I believed this. Gist: we fucked the moon. Bacteria left by Apollo programs is slowly but surely causing soil erosion on the moon. It would've been science story of the week next Thursday. But then its shows up on SNOPES list of pranks 2005. IDIOT.

The article even carries this discaimer in small print
Well done for spotting, as we're sure you did, that this story is not in fact true. News@nature.com would like to assure readers that, outside the realm of April Fool's Day, the Moon remains bacteria-free until anyone proves otherwise.
I am officially Gullible with a capital G. Last year I believed the UN had declared SPANK YOUR MAID MONTH (thanks Ghastly - site generally NSFW, but that page is, sort of). Google reveals others may have been fooled (or just tried to spread the joke).

Damn you geeks at Nature. I shall have my revenge, some day!!




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