April 04, 2005

The Necktie: Only a few feet away from a noose

Another great thing about Japan is their Prime Minister. Like most Prime Ministers, he's no president, he doesn't actually hold much power -- but Koizumi-sama - he does stuff. Not stuff that actually improves the country's economy or anything. He shows up at schools as does bicycle tricks for kids (this I remember from reading the newspaper in first year uni, and first got jealous of Japan's cool PM - online evidence), he goes dancing with Richard Gere, and now - he's telling public servants to ditch the whole straight-laced tie image that Japan is reknowned for. Its like: Loosen up guys, I'm gonna, you should too. Rock it Mr. Japanese PM.

Better than Arnie or MSS.

Definitely better the Mole/Toad/Hobbit Hybrid of John Howard, or Big Ears Blair, or probably Paul Martin (my cousin didn't seem too pelased with hime being elected).Japanese people don't know how lucky they are. And like most natives, hate who is in charge. Ah well... Oz is back on now, so I am going to watch that, McManus doesn't look too good.



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