April 09, 2005

Girls are F***ing Evil

The Last Song That I Will Ever Write About A Girl
(Girls are Fucking Evil) - The Ataris

Man, my media player is dishing out the angst this session... I deliberately put it on that track (followed by wheatus, kelly osbourne and some everlast), because I've been exploring more of Outpost Nine, the site of the I am a Japanese Teacher journals. Its got some good shit, especially about women behaviour. Luckily I'ma bit of a sociopath (did I emntion I look after primary school kids?), so rather than feeling pain and angst from broken hearts - I feel pain and angst from not feeling pain and angst when I'm sort of sure that I should have a broken heart. Though I must confess I am starting to get slightly irate and being perpetually in the "Friend Zone", even though I love being friends - and I get one step better than boob-talk - I've gotten lesbian experimentation talk --- that has to be the absolute Touch-of-Death to any dating prospectus. Other guys I've told this to say that "Oh, man, you are so in if they talk about that shit...", No, you are not in, you are in an odd circle of hell (or at least limbo), which one of us two has a steady girlfriend? But maybe thats also compounded by me not knowing if I was hit on if they used handcuffs (or maybe its the handcuffs...)

there, thats about as far you're getting into my psyche, no get out... out... OUT!!!!!!!

Remember: lesbians. and check out Outpost Nine. I'm gonna read check out the short stories tommorow. Hopefully the server doesn't overload again this month. (MIRROR - Japan teacher only)



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