April 12, 2005

With my soul on vacation, I'm just left with a shell

Okay, doing a pissweak post.

I'm currently sifting through my Music Files to work what I deign suitable to burn on CD before I leave. Its taking rather longer than I thought. 6hrs down and I'm halfway through L's.

Reel Big Fish vs Madonna vs S Club vs 28 Days vs Puffy Ami Yumi vs Nas vs Magic Dirt vs insane internet goodliness... I do have at least 80 blank CDs so I might manage it all...

Anyway... enjoy this photograph of a ditched car on the side of track. It was found out on tracks leading to the Iwasaki (Rydges?) Wetlands near the Rydges Resort in Yeppon (nee Iwasaki Resort). Probably shifted from someone's backyard in the last couple of months.

And, no, there were no dead bodies or bones or a black bag with swads of cash inside... (somebody did ask me this already). Just spiders.

I also saw a massive red-bellied black on the drive back. It was huge. I swear it looked almost as round as my arms (which admittedly is not really that big) and at least 1 meter or meter+half in length. Mum thinks we have some in our backyard; oh, goody.

PS - Watch out: They're Daaaangerous!


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