April 11, 2005

And the Walls Come Crashing Down

Builders came today. Actual fair dinkum builders, who take measurements before they start taking things apart and putting things together, and discuss things with a boss - who is actually on site. Maybe we might get a new kitchen after all.

Right now we are just missing a wall, which thankfully they blocked up with some thin wood in case it starts raining - the last two mobs wouldn't've even had bothered with that courtesy (or even plastic).

I'm really annoyed at people thinking tradespeople are stupid or dimwitted --- it makes dimwitted people think they are up for it. Please don't raise their hopes. Or, even worse, it makes some people tolerant of dimwittedness, because they are trades people. You need maths to do trades - you are measuring shit --- you need algebra - you are multiplying those measurements --- and you need trig - because you do angles.

Don't tell dimwitted jocks they don't need maths. Don't tell people they don't need good grades. Don't let people delude themselves that they don't need to learn anything because its irrelevant to being a chef, cook, computer programmer --- because its not. There's only one occupation you don't need any know-how to succeed in: politics ... and even then it still helps.

You know this post was going to be about me feeling shit. That my Confidence was losing out to my Paranoia (Red Dwarf reference) - and that all-round I feel like I'm stuck in my January rut still. But after all that venting, I feel a bit better. Because I care about education, its important, if you aren't learning something new - you might as well be dead.

PS - Psychobabble


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