April 27, 2005

Never Say Never: Gay Mushrooms

Worried about how much cash I might be carrying Japan, I assured my mother that I haven't lost, misplaced or forgotten my wallet in quite a long while.

This evening I lost my wallet. Luckily I had just left it in my sister's car, and noticed before we left town to come back to the coast.

Let this be a lesson: don't get cocky, the universe will come for you.

First it was people, then fruit flies, then penguins, now fungi are getting into gay pride. The Scientist at Biomed Central reports on news coming from North Carolina that not only are fungal members of the same sex mating, they are actually reproducing together, sexually - a serious WTF in the face of nature.

I'm reminded of a Big Train sketch. Two gay men walk into a fertility treatment clinic (
oh, you've heard this one? nevermind...) wanting to have a baby. They complain that they've been having sex for almost a year, yet they can't seem to get pregnant. The counsellor/doctor at the clinic suggests adoption, but they say, no we want it to be theirs. She suggests surrogacy, but they say they want it to be totally theirs, and experience the whole pregnancy. She tries to explain that its biologically impossible. They accuse here of being homophobic. She say something along the lines of "but you haven't got a womb", they reply "we have a room, we have pleny of rooms, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, loungeroom ... we've tried sex in them all". A bit more confusion over trying to explain what the actual difficulty there is in the "men can't get pregnant" reality. Eventually they walk out saying they'll find a clinic where they won't stereotype. It then cuts to a few months later and the counsellor/doctor is wlaking down the street and who does she across the road, but the two gay guys... and one of them is pregnant being led down the road by the other guy.

It's impossible of course. But with this fungus discovery, not quite as impossible as we thought.

PS - "Women will never suspect" - they will now...


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