May 02, 2005

Project Greenlight Australia announces top ten (oh why don't I have pay TV?)

Project Greenlight Australia has announced its top ten.

Only one script I looked at appears to be there, Lying Bitch in the Wardrobe, which was actually quite good. However I'm disappointed that Unorganised Crime didn't seem to make it. It was THE BOMB. Absolutely Aussie. And well styled.

The Top Ten are (real names of writers in [brackets] taken from here) "loglines" from PGL's site, comments and harsh criticism without any knowledge at all by yours truly:
  • Eternally Yours by Alice Smithee [Meera Atkinson]
    • DRAMA "A brilliant, young, Jewish, classical musician is caught up in Sydney's post-punk music scene, trapped by unrequited love, rebellion, and an identity crisis that threatens to derail his promising future. Set in the fact-based Australian underground explosion of the early 80s, the suggested soundtrack features Australian independent music." --- 80s music (in Oz no less) gets my interest right away... mmm... legwarmers, hairspray, faux-punkKylie back in the Neighbours days.
  • Werriwa by A-Team (not THE A-Team, just an A-Team) [Simon Adams, Shane Elsmore, Damian McDermott]
    • DRAMA, THRILLER "Science clashes with the supernatural when Tim Copeland returns to Werriwa, the lake-side scene of a mysterious childhood tragedy. Burdened with guilt, he is forced to confront his fears and to face his haunted past." --- Could this be Loch Ness in Lake George? Or Ghost-from-the-lake scenario. All I can say from this teaser is I hope its supernatural vs. science not supernatural vs. pseudoscience - which just leaves everyone disappointed.
  • The Lying Bitch in the Wardrobe by bartman [Anthony Lock]
    • COMEDY "Elizabeth Hankins is at her lowest ebb - she hates her job, has no friends and her love life is nonexistent. Little does she know that help's about to arrive from the most unexpected of places..." --- I've already reviewed this. Its pretty enjoyable, and surprising, which is always good in today's mass regurgifest from Hollywood. I'd watch it on TV, be tempted to get it on video, but it is for-the-most-part chick's flick, so unless bribed with womanly company wouldn't go to the cinema (besides I know the storyline)
  • Case by Case [David Bishop]
    • COMEDY, ROMANCE "Perth, the most isolated capital city in the world. Dan, Paul and Bolt sit around the backyard table complaining they don't have the money or bad boy appeal to attract the Perth girls who surround them. A briefcase containing money, drugs and a gun flies over their back fence and lands on the table." --- bad boy appeal? Perth girls?* what the... money, drugs and a gun? now you're talking (in a briefcase to boot), but its marked romantic comedy, not action comedy, possibly Life Less Ordinary? [*Aside: Marissa better not read that line]
  • Men are Stupid Women are Crazy by gordo [Gordon Napier
    • "A ROMANTIC COMEDY about how men are responsible for ruining relationships."
      "No it isn't."
      "Yes it is."
      "No it isn't."
      "YES IT IS!!!" --- ah, a clever ploy... lets make our teasert a conversation that doesn't actually go anywhere but appears witty and clever (much like the title...)
  • Such is Life by phil mcgrath_au [Phillip McGrath]
    • DRAMA "A father's relationship with his son is sorely tested when he falls for his son's beautiful young friend. Circumstances lead to a night that might have remained a fond but secret memory, had they not been seen. In a moment of despondency, all is revealed, leading to a dramatic confrontation, with the most tragic and surprising consequences." --- hmmph, sounds like an SBS late-night softcore, except they normally have the mother falling for the son's girlfriend/fiance. Tragic and surprising consequences definitely has an air being easily substituted with disappointing. Probably a good arthouse film, but I don't have much care for arthouse films that aren't infused deeply enriched cultural commentary or punk/rock riffs and Japanese animation.
  • Heidi by Samurai [Richard Gray]
    • DRAMA "Heidi' is the story of bar room brawls, family feuds, orange picking, violin busking, drinking games, Cowboys, Truckies, love, death and two people's search for clarity. It's about a girl who never knew her father and a father who has lost his family." --- possibly cliché, but actually sounds workable and enjoyable. Barring sex, swearing and possible drug use - this could even be a family film (but where's the fun in that?)
  • White Noise by tim b [Timothy Brothers]
    • COMEDY, DRAMA "White Noise is the stirring portrayal of two very different families in modern Australia. One is upper-class, rich yet extremely dysfunctional. The other is poor, yet close-knit family of Iranian refugees. As events escalate, their stories become inextricably interwoven, until they collide tragically in a shattering finale that will change their lives and attitudes forever." --- I quite enjoyed Marking Time a couple of years ago, this sounds slightly similar, but very different. It'd be silly to say Australia needs more multicultural films (its quite a lot of what we produce) - but as long as their are bigotted One Nation freaks out there, we probably do need more.
  • Solo by morganoneill [Morgan O'Neill]
    • OTHER "The fetile realm of the Sydney underworld has been Barrett's only home for the last 30 years. Now an old man in a young man's game, he wants out. Nothing's ever that easy." --- fetile? did you mean fetid? hopefully not fetal or fertile? Sounds like a short story our English gave us to read once; a fat balding 30+ hitman performs one last job (can you say "I'm too old for this shit..."?)
  • The Following by whiteshadow [Andrew Connell]
    • DRAMA, THRILLER "Detective Nick Dattner uncovers a secret society of global proportions while investigating a series of occult related murders. This revelation leads Nick into a violent underworld, ultimately drawing him toward a future that was forged three thousand years in the past" --- ooh secret societies and possible eschatology goodliness (or vampyrs??), definitely intriguing for me! Sounds like it must've knocked Archangel down for the kook spot.
So, I don't have Pay TV, so won't be watching MovieExtra to see the production (unless Ten or SBS shows it late next year). Despite some of the comments, this does seem a pretty good lot to come to the top. So Good-oh and entertain already.



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