April 30, 2005

Sexy, yet Satanic Subliminal Spirit Scheme Sweeps unSuspecting Sober Singles

Holy uneccessary alliteration Batman!

Apparently some men are affected by the libido-enhancing effects of alcohol with words alone. A group of men "
exposed to cue words that suggested alcohol, including beer, whisky, martini and malt" were compared to a control group exposed to unalcoholic beverage related words (smoothie, expresso...).
"The men then rated 21 female high-school graduation photos on a scale of 1 to 9 in terms of attractiveness. The men who expected alcohol to boost their libido rated photos more favourably after subconsciously viewing alcohol cue words. Those who expected alcohol to reduce their performance actually rated the girls as less attractive after boozy words."
Surprising is this is a subconsciously motivated response. You had to already think that beer makes you randy for the the words to have an effect. Imagine the hard on these guys woud get in a bottle shop... then again, maybe not.

PS - Dr Jekyll is wrestling Hyde, for my pride


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