April 29, 2005

Lucky 13

Typical, chemical
What you want?
You want a black friday
Electrical, subliminal
What you want?
You want a black friday
You want a black friday
Yeah - Black Friday by Grinspoon
Two weeks from today, I fly out from Brisbane. Which means its closer than it ever has been before (really...?)

It's also all happening on Friday the 13th, not exactly the most preferred date to be on a plane for 10 hours. I suppose it should mean I'm safe from earthquakes... Hong Kong is pretty superstitious from what I know, I'm surprised they run flights at all on that day.

So what are my plans for my last 14 days in Australia... ermm... not much. Maybe I should go to the beach or something. Maybe I'll see a movie. Quite likely I'll get a haircut - its gotten bushy and dyke-ish. I'm not that great at micro-planning.

Somebody asked me what I plan to do in Japan - and I really couldn't think of anything less ambigious than "anything I can", "sightseeing" and "having fun". So I'm going to work up a list of things I want to do. And list it HERE.

PS - Made in Japan


At Fri. Apr. 29, 06:41:00 pm AEST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Zayzay, good luck in Japan.

You're going with Aeon right? Just be very careful, I was with them too, and they are absolute pricks. Right now it's all smiles and 'I'm just super, thanks for asking!' from Tammy the American twinky addict in the MLC centre on Martin Place, but once they have you in Japan, the tone changes.

You're going to the West Japan 'training' centre, I went to the East Japan one in Omiya. It might be different, but I'm assume it wouldn't be. Be prepared! The Aeon 'trainers' are absolute sicko's - Tammy used to be one herself at Omiya!

They are control freaks, and some new teachers in the 'training' groups usually get fired from Aeon right there at the training centre in their first week. See you, bye bye! Real nice of them. The purpose of the training centres is not about training pe se, but to scare you into obedience of Aeon. Once you get to your school, things should look up.

Hopefully you'll get a good manager and head teacher, if not, it can be very bad. You need to prepare for contingency plans, and be ready to find another job, place to stay etc, if things go wrong. Take a thorough list of contact numbers and details so you are ready, just in case. Also, travel light.

At Fri. Apr. 29, 06:52:00 pm AEST, Blogger ZayZayEM said...

Oh no! Being hunded into obeying my employers who are acting as my guarantors to the Japanese government - surely its some yakuza/satanic/illuminati plot.

I'm an idealist. A big pink/green commie idealist who believes capitalist corporations have the capacity to be pure evil: Thankfully I'm not stupid.

Don't complain when the world works the way its written down.

BTW anyone in Oz thinking of going with AEON - Tammie is super super nice (I'm sure she could use attitude if she had to, like on the moron above).

I'm not deleting the comment either, because if you are considering going, you need to prepare your mind to accept a situation like the above. Don't go over if you think you'll have free-reign over your classes, be able to use any material you want, take days off to go to protests, broadcast loud public criticism of the government, try an convert your pupils away from their natural religion etc.

You are their employee, and reason you are in Japan is because they have vouched for, therefore you owe them the courtesy of not pissing them off, and following their rules. Don't like that idea, don't sign up. Avoid the real world.

At Fri. Apr. 29, 07:28:00 pm AEST, Blogger ZayZayEM said...

Possibly This guy (or a friend - if not, probably could be) going by my logs.

What are my plans if AEON dumps my ass? That's probably whole post in itself. And first I got another B$ mission to make.


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