May 05, 2005

Witness to a simple nothing

Okay, weird local happenings.

I go to check the mailbox. Firstly, my mailbox appears rather absent. It has been knocked off the fence to which it was nailed to (by an overenthusiastic mailman?). I didn't fix this. And this did annoy my mother. But i really have no idea how to fix it, nor where the tools to fix it were. I was going to sugeest placing it on the ground in front of the fence until supplies could be bought to fix it. But given my mother's mood, didn't think it wise to suggest anything, and just let her whine and yell a lot.

The weird thing? Across the road is rather large traffic island (err... non-residentail block of grassland?) and a car was parked on top of this. In it was a man at the wheel. And a girl in the passenger seat.

They appeared to be arguing, or trying to get it on or just havinga heated discussion. I watched for a bit, because you never know if something could be worse than it looks. And as the girl seemed to be grunting, and trying to either open the door to get out while the guy was trying to bring her back in, I didn't really think it was pashing off anymore (that and its around 3pm/4pm in teh afternoon, on the side of a scenic highway). So after feeling awkward for a bit, I think it might somewhat be a good/stupid idea to walk out of the fence at least to get a better look, or let the creep-of-guy know that he's not doing it on some secluded backroad. But as I do that, both seem to burst out laughing (I'm still far enough away that I can't really tell, only slightly hear). She closes the door. They stop heated arguing/discussion/petting session??? and laugh as they drive off.

So if it wasn't some creep trying to abduct his girlfriend or something, what the hell was it? Did they really think that pulling off a well-used road in broaddaylight was a great spot to get it on? Were the tourists who were lost? (that doesn't explain the laughing as they drove off - I'd want directions) Or maybe she was just adjusting her seat? I dunno.

Its still weird. I guess eversince a neighbour had to shelter at our house from an abusive boyfriend (who sadly, I think she's still with) I've tried to be a bit more aware of these things. (erm.. I left her waiting on the verandah a several minutes because I didn't hear her over the TV and computer - and brother insisted it was the TV --- he didn't even notice her until around 10 minutes after I'd gone outside to check). People suck.

But I guess its good that appears not to be the case so much today.

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PS - Some People Do Suck: President Bush Eats a Baby (by Ann Coulter)


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