May 05, 2005

You've got a friend in Japan

J-list is awesome!! Its like free porn, but its not... actually its more like porn you have to pay for, because they don't hand it out free... but unlike porn, its actually worth something (even if the do sell some porn)...

Anyway, some of you (my maybe 3 semi-regular readers) may have noticed that I did want to get J-list banners, but lamented I couldn't find an affiliate program in there main site.

I linked to Peter Payne's J-list side blog (a staff member at J-list) recently, and Pete himself sent me a link and instructions on how to sign up for their advertising program, and said "
I do believe the wacky things we sell would be receptive to your readers", well he beter be right, but if he isn't that's okay. I'm getting store credit everytime you buy something through the ad-links I've now added (search bar up top, T-shirts on the side, and final banner down low). J-list is pretty cool, and as Peter's e-mail shows, its run by actual people who care... to reinforce this, in addition to an automated response from the administration accepting my website into the affiliate program, a staff (or possibly para-staff) member (Dennis) e-mailed me to check if I had questions (how do I get the money? and how much?). Now both of these e-mails could have been slightly form letters, but I wouldn't hold that against them. This kind of personal touch, whether its a first name, personal comment, or professional yet not callous tone really does add something to customer service.

What sort of cool things can you get from J-list or the family friendly J-box (
All J-Box Products)? (Note: if it says porn, it has porn, so if you don't wnat to look at porn, or shouldn't be looking at porn, don't)
They have everything you ever wanted, everything you never thought you wanted, and everything you still are perfectly damn sure you don't want ever in your life -- They have EVERYTHING

Because I'm no happy i'm also going to give you a discount on my latest Cafe Press store: The "i will destroy you with the power of my brain !!!" store:

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PS - If J-list didn't make you go WTF!? several times THIS definitely will


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