May 06, 2005

Countdown to the end of my world

Exactly 7 days until that foreboding Friday 13th, and its pretty close to the actual flight time.

My world is getting pretty shaken up beyond just moving to whole new country, with a whole new language and culture, for a whole new job -- both my parents have resigned from their jobs. My mother is now moving to the work of chaplaincy at a local hospital (as if the people there haven't suffered enough...) and my Dad is deciding for a fresh new change, and is thinking about teaching English overseas (hmmm...) but first he is going to Canada to see his Mum and siblings.

I'm testing out blogging away from home. Using the Rockhampton library computer. I've run into my first problem when trying to access:

[--text removed because it triggers issues... aaaaargh--]

It should've been obvious that mentioning porn too much might somehow adversely affect my ability to access my own website from publicly monitored computers. The childsafe tool also tried to block my hotmail inbox, but allowed me too continuing, but warning me that a note of such access would be given to sys-admin. So I need to mention cancer and carcinomas and anatomy more (there must be a bit of it in there).
[Ooops, I just tried accessing the site again trying an archived page, and now its said its telling the sys-admin about that too... grr... libraries!!]

Fear not, I will try my darndest to get you news from the Orient someway. Obviously, accessing the blogger start page was not impossible. So maybe I can add entries (as long as I steer clear of naughty words it seems) Just not see what the hell they look like

no tags or PS today...
instead some googlewax to public-friendly my page:
cancer anatomy carcinomy doctor science breast cancer artistic nudes magellan anatomy check up mammogram cancer anatomy carcinoma therapy (evil... yes... but i shall beat your system)


At Fri. May 06, 04:54:00 pm AEST, Blogger Hil said...

You ass. 7 days??!


Well, just so you know, it was nice not really but kind of meeting you.

you're a random kid. don't change that.


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