May 08, 2005

Death By Cuteness

Revelations is a bit of downer. Just not that interesting in terms of dialogue or the (supposed to be stylish?) edgy switchy scene cutting. Also probably the second movie (mini-series?) I've noticed in which the background soundtrack just sucked.

Its also disappointing that I won't be able to wtach the conclusion. So is the "miracle baby" Satan incarnate? (which is what I assumed when the ship picked him up). Will Little Bear be murdered by those oddball Satanists like his Step-sister? Will Bill Pullman satisfy every sick-minded individual out there, and get it on with a nun? And what exactly is John Rhys-Davies meant to be adding to the story anyway?

I'm more disappointed that I won't find out what happens in Lost, The Amazing Race, and The Bill. Whats in the suitcase? Can Survivor champions win again? and geez, that blonde chick who plays Kerry is f***ing hot.

Anyway - in other news - here's a plethora of "cute" links :
PS - Desperate Houseflies


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