May 08, 2005

Creationism Hogs the Spotlight, and makes an ass of itself

Via Pharyngula - I found this piece by Josh Rosenau which runs along the same lines I'm on.
Reporters are starting to smell something. Where they used to think that there might be some reason to give ID a fair shake, they are seeing that ID is creationism in a cheap tux.
Let the creationist/ID masquerade be heard in an open forum - even journalists can tell its the same old crap.

The Topeka hearings cannot end in anyway but ID being even less credible, if by mere association with religious crackpots - who make a bulk of any fool actually going under the term "Inteligent Design" - true critics of evolution/neo-darwinism go under the name "scientist" or "naturalist" or "biologist", and see little reason to schism off from the scientific community.

Fuck debates, we know who created the world.

PS - Artists, too, are not biologists


At Thu. May 12, 05:28:00 am AEST, Blogger Ellis Godard said...

ID and Evolution are not mutually exclusive. if there was an intelligent designer, it is conceivable - even likely - that he/she/it designed evolution, as a means of emerging complexity. Evolution isn't a claim that complexity emerged by chance or happenstance, simply that it emerged.

At Thu. May 12, 08:48:00 am AEST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You could argue that since evolution is a creative process, where new species are created through the process of natural selection, that there must be a creator. But it aint neccessarily so. It could simply be self creating, like the universe itself.
Science doesn't concern itself with metaphysical questions, however. There could be a God, or there might not be.

At Sun. May 22, 08:49:00 pm AEST, Blogger ZayZayEM said...

Yay for morons.

Yes the concept of ID and evolution are not mutually exclusive. As my personal saying goes, "Evolution is about a process, not a beginning". But don't confuse the concept of intelligence in life creation with ID (especially those apes at AiG and the DI). They are idiots in moron clothing.

The other response is just wholly onfusing and self contradicting. Evolution is not a creative process in the sens of needing a creator, anymore than water giving of steam.


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