June 05, 2005

One of My Children is Possessed

I won't do day by day breakdowns anymore. Especially if I complain about the children.

This one really is almost a clear cut case of demonic possession. The fits on the floor, frothing at the mouth, weird choking noises, and speaking in tongues ---> yes in the middle of this, he is managing to speak English (which is speaking in tongues if you're Japanese) --- so I guess I wouldn't be quite so bad if it wasn't a group lesson. The self harm, writing on the wall, epilepsy/vertigo and general inattentiveness (thankfully no projectile vomiting, or stigmata - as yet) tends to detract from my focus on the other two girls.

Otherwise, the really draining job of teaching kids a foreign language is starting to become good. I think I've managed to correct all my crap lessons from last week with a good dose of super-genki... except for my supremely bombed class, which wasn't on this week, but otherwise good week all round. Plus I got an extra student...

PS - I won a green tea from 7/11 today (yes that still is where I am buying lunch from every day)


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