July 21, 2005

Well, Excitement is Time Being Good

That is grammatically correct (aside from CapItaliZation).
Trust me. I'm an English teacher.

Two weekends I went to Nikko. The "must do" for anyone on a voyage to Japan. Did I write anything here. Nah...

Nikko is full of lots of Buddhist temples, and is thus allegedly the spiritual capital of Japan. And while this may be pretty true, it is very full of tourists, both local ones and those from abroad, especially on a Sunday. We visited the main (? temple which is the home of the original three monkeys. Which actually contains a whole story of how to raise children. It also has a lucky sleeping kitten - and anyone not Japanese who has seen it can tell you how exciting that piece of culture is.

Also our Japanese friend assured me that fried fish on a stick with salt is a popular hot snack in Japan. No thank you. (If it doesn't walk the same land as you, its not food).

Also discovered that Japanese girls are indeed afraid of butterflies. "Pictures are pretty to look at, but they're scary up close". Summer in Japan appears to mean swarms of dragonflies, which are a hell of a lot more freakier than butterflies.
Last weekend in Tokyo, I mentioned to another Japanese woman that in Australia we have butterfly houses and she was like "Oh, but the can't fly and land on you" - Oh yes they can... I swear it would make Japanese TV: a group of high school girls or young women surviving in a butterfly house the longest.

After Nikko we spent a nice afternoon at a nearby lake. Which meant more dragonflies. And a sad lack of ice-cream. Then off to a waterfall. Which was fecking scary as all shit -- I have a little touch of Vertigo. It was a lot better and a lot larger single cascade than Fukuroda.

This was also my first experience of a super expensive Japan. Hitachi is a cheap as could be to live. Which compounded with the amount of overtime I get, pretty good news. I spent over $200 Australian on a single day trip (inc. shared fuel money, temple entry, breakfast and lunch, and some postcards and tourist gifts - I went a bit crazy on them that day)


At Fri. Jul. 22, 12:55:00 am AEST, Blogger Michel Lafleur said...

You know what's weird? Working at the closest AEON branch from Nikko (35Km) and hearing what it's like from other people who get there before you... lol

Betcha haven't climbed a volcano yet though have you... so there...

By the way, greetings from a fellow Aussie, I'm teaching with a guy from the Gold Coast.


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