August 01, 2005

Oaharai Sunbeach

So yesterday I went to a beach.

Not just any ordinary beach, I went to a サンビーチ (SUNBEACH).

I was actually aiming for an aquarium. But made the mistake of going to a marina instead, and proving once again - in Japan my sense of direction is seriously fucked up. I also went up a Marine tower (because I had no hope of reaching the Aquarium). Which was 50 meters up in a glass elevator (and another 10 meters in concrete) - please remember I hate heights, so I feel very proud for not screaming like a little girl. I then proceeded to spill icecream on my shirt (adding to to ketchup from my McDonalds lunch - oh I am eating so Japanese).

The Sunbeach was all I expected a Japanese beach to really be -- crowded. There also seemed to be quite a lot of beach (i.e. the sandy space between the park and the water) - but maybe that was the tide. There was also some wrestling championships going on - which was interesting to watch. Places that hire/sell boogie boards, inner tubes and other beach equibment and at least 5 or so udon/soba/tako/aisu shacks.

On Friday I saw my first car-accident in Japan. At the lethal corner of death a short walk from my apartment (where the teachers before the teachers before us were hit and killed - great news to hear) - one car had hit anther up the ass and knocked it into some concrete mini-dragon's teeth that line the sidewalk.

And today I saw my first blind person in Japan. So was able to watch how the little bumps in the middle of every sidewalk are used.
I've also sent my first package home - and really hope I filled out the things properly. I don't need it being screwed up on me.


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