August 08, 2005


I am a moron.

I have had my first workplace injury. We are now etering a period of Supplemental lessons in whic we can ensure all classes are on the right schedule, and understand past material, or just have some fun lessons. Some of my older classes are pretty on tp of things - so I decided to just do a useful lesson on injuries - this would expand on the only unit they had trouble with - I have a toothache, a headache, a sore throat. So my vocab included beesting, bruised knee, broken arm and cut.

Another student asked what these cards were, so I told him wht sunburn was, what a bruise was, and then cut -- all with actions. With cut a brandished a pair of scissors, possibly all too close to my finger - and I had that crystal moment of clarity that maybe this wasn't the smartest thing in the world - about half a second too late. Luckily I was pretty good at gettng out of the class, to a sink, and realising the lack of a first aid kit or a freezer (ice pack) in my workplace. So I had to show my manager --- and I'll let you know, I'm a bleeder - at least when I' not in la actually trying to bleed for a blood typing class - so n the time I took my fingerr from my mouth to show he - had blood running down to my elbow. The combination of Japanese, woman and mother in my manager sort of made her freak out a bit.

After I a few bandaids, I was absolutely fine, but, my manager cancelled to classes and drove me down to a hospital. By the time this happened, my mega powers of healing hd done its job, added with the humidity and sweatness under th bandaid - the doctor and nurse both just looked at me like an absolute idiot for coming down. The doctor even sad to me "I don't see it" - so in the end I paid about 50-60 bucks for a band-aid and vey big whole in me ego. M onl consolaton is that should get my mone back though insuance. And my offical story is a lttle less embarassng - it was an accident involving scissors, and it was all my fault. Which is true.

Lessons learnt -
  • scissors are sharp
  • sharp things are not wise choices for school props
  • do not demonstrate injuries on yourself or students
  • sleep more
  • even the smallest of workplace injuries can get you out of work in Japan - just bleed on your boss


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