August 01, 2005

Movies are Crap

So I saw starwars last night.

Which meant 20 bucks wasted. And me also getting very worried that holy shit I'd just spent my trainfare (luckily I had just enough) --- Must remember ATMs close at 9pm.

Now, I don't mind the obviousness that - yes, Anakin becomes Darth Vader - yes Palatine is a Sith Lord - and Padme is going to end up having bbies that have to be split up --- but you could try to possibly disguise the plot little more better than they did. Actually thats a bit too kind, you cant have a transperent plot without a plot --- maybe a transparent piece of swiss cheese masquerading as a plot. ---- Hmmm... why does Obi Wan not care that Anakin kills a man in cold blood. How did Palatine and Anakin get so close. How come Yoda is the only Jedi quick enough to void being killed by command 66. And why are clones mindless enough to just follow orders. And surely Jedis can kick the ass of half a dozen clones. Why doesn't the council tell Anakin to control his emotions more. Why are they looking for Yoda's body - everybody knos that Jedis fade away into the force when they are killed.

Seriously the best moment in the film was watching Anakin burst into a room of cowering children, just knowing wht was going to happen. I actully did burst out with laughter at this point - whic probably breached Japanese etiquitte, and generl movie politeness, plus butchring children isn't meant to b hilarious --- but I am a gaijin, so I can get away with whatever rude shit I please.

Then I went home and watched some crazy old British sci-fi shit abut naked perfect body soul sucking vampires from out of space --- and I swear it was the better movie I saw that day.


At Tue. Aug. 02, 06:48:00 pm AEST, Anonymous john cowart said...

Yes indeed.
A lot of the old B-grade movies are better. One I like is "Lair of the White Worm" based (loosly) on a book by Dracula author Bram Stoker. In it the villagers decide to sacrifice Alice to the monster because, "Well, she's about the closest thing we've got to a virgin in the whole village".
Always enjoy your postings.


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