August 17, 2005

Japanese girls

Japanese girls. They are like most women on the planet. Mostly gorgeous - and fucking goddamn annoying with their wily feminine ways.

Why did no-one show up to our finale fireworks fiesta? Because while me and Helen left a bit early to get ready - because it just feels silly to hang around work an extra hour (after the extra hour you have already done) - sister-bringer decides to tell the other workmates that the night has been cancelled due to poor weather.


Explanation at the restaurant that she gave us - they were tired, didn't like the weather, needed to catch a train and thought because we had left early it was cancelled.


Now I thought it all sounded odd because she said it oddly - but I thought that was just her trying to explain other people's Japanese feelings in English (which is hard), also I had spoken with one of the other girls who "cancelled" and she secretly checked with me that it was still on - and I told her yes, and I'd see her soon. But no.


Coupled with tantrum at the bar, its a mega case of WTF due to be deliverd to her front door any day now.

##VENTING complete


At Thu. Aug. 18, 10:44:00 pm AEST, Anonymous john cowart said...

Can it be that women can be frustrating in any culture?

At Fri. Aug. 19, 07:57:00 am AEST, Blogger markgibson8657 said...

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At Sun. Aug. 21, 03:14:00 am AEST, Blogger Michel Lafleur said...

Yup, Japanese girls are as frustrating as Western Women... consider my two dates to a very romantic French restaurant with two lovely young ladies as an example.... both of them were later found to have significant others... WTF?

At Sun. Aug. 21, 02:27:00 pm AEST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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