September 20, 2005

Charlie and the Factory of Artistically Manipulated Shite

Maybe Japanese subtitles have a way of somehow making the story of what should be awesome films turn into regurgitated spaghettios... or more likely, I'm just choosing the wrong films.

I really liked the original movie. Though my sister has told me that that one is not true to the book. But I didn't like the book that much - as I recall it was thje first time I cheated on a book report by basing it on the movie. The original movie had a scope of realism to it and had a good moral - everyone falls into temptation - but some people not so much as others - and its okay as long as your heart is good.

The new movie is just loud colors, bizarre ideas and crazy ass songs mixed with some funked up effects - which can actually be visually stunning to the point of epileptic ecstacy --- but I'm just wondering what on earth happened to a story, coherent plot and some real dialogue that isn't based on stupid puns or non-witty witticisms. Or the idea that it makes no sense at all - but that's supposed to be a good thing.

We already knew Johnny Depp is great at 'acting' crazy - so you can't really expect a movie to be supported on that plus effects.

I went with two Japanese - one of whom I swear was scared/shocked to the point of recoil in her seat at the scenes of untimely demise of the brats -- especially the blueberry and squirrel attack sequences. The other, despite being a fellow English teacher - and reading Japanese subtitles anyway was still at a lost as to what exactly the story was (but then again so was I).

I should've seen NaNa - which incidentally I saw this weekend - good movie for one I had no hope of understanding. However the local theatres in Hitachi are crap -- especially compared to Hitachi-naka/Katstuta's new awesome Stadium Theatre --- where I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Next on my list of things to see are Shinobi, and Fantastic Four (you can't ruin that - it was crap the first time around).

PS: Hollywood - Stop ruining classics.


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