October 03, 2005

Moving On

In Other News: Happy Birthday Daly.

Not that any of the slackers I actually know read this shite.

Also, should I feel special that spammers are suddenly spraying my site with crap? I've worked out how to get English functionality back on my Blogger Dashboard so now have hopefully done the right things to stop it now.

Today we get a new Emergency Teacher - female, American and the rest is a mystery. I have now heard back from evil loathesome bitch who abandonned me (I wonder if that's a poor taste in jokes) -- she says that everything is okay back home, she just couldn't leave for fear things were maybe going to go wrong again. She has no job or money though --- but otherwise maybe we can stay friends.
Though I tried explaining that to a Japanese girl who doesn't even work with me anymore and she still couldn't comprehend how someone could break a work contract like that without warning --- Japanese have a big thing about loyalty - even if you hate your job - you do it.

I don't know why, but Saturday - despite being a busy day at work - was one of my best days in Japan so far. It was just really good.

So here's to moving on and better things ahead.


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