September 23, 2005

Stop Killing Things in My Classroom

It's a simple request.

Japanese kids can be real fucked up in their mindset.

Now I have no idea if this kid knew what he was saying but he walks into my classroom giggling like a madcase (which isn't that usual - don't think ADD is a Western only phenomenom) --- and innocently says "Oi* Teacher" and so I said "Yes?" and then he asks in the most clearest way "What do you like, breast?" (In the same manner as his "What do you like, animals/fruit/colour?"). He's 7 or 8. It made up for the previous chuck a tantrum lesson (its the same one).

As anyone with experience with Japanese kids - Junior High and Senior High kids are worked and overloaded to shithouse: clubs, sports, tests, cram school, English school, Kanji school (yes Kanji is hard for a lot of Japanese), sports, and normally homework for everything. So when it comes to taking an hour of English at 7 or 8 o'clock at night, they tend to be a bit tired an uncooperative. So high school lessons can be the most draggiest - because the grammar is very hard to work into games, and playing games may be a bit immature for them - plus they are shy in groups and hard to get to speak at all. Still you try and make it fun as possible.

So for the grammar structure "going to" I thought it would be nice to make a story - it go anywhere.

"What's the dog going to do?"
"It's going to eat the flower"
"Why is it going to eat the flower"
"Because it is hungry"
"How is it going to feel after eating the flower"
"It's going to feel full"
"What is it going to next"
"It's going to go home"
"What's going to happen on the way home"
"The dog is going to DIE!"
--- That was the student, not me!
"How is the dog's owner going to feel"
"He's going to be sad!!"

Now I might have let this go as a one off. But when playing charades this kid invariably tries to use Harikiri.

*"Oi!" is Japanese --- and is pretty much the same as it is in English. Kids however crack up when you use it - because they think you are speaking Japanese.


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