September 25, 2005

From Kakoi to Kowai --- expanding my repertoire of Japanese adjectives -- they all start with K

True story:

I was on the train on the way back from Katsuta after seeing Charlie and The Chocolate Factory - and I spy a spare seat - however its in a booth full of 3 beautiful Japanese young ladies. Now after my Kyoto incident I was a bit worried they were high school students. But after a few stops, one of the girls moved her bag and said it was okay to sit down - so I guess it would have been rude for me not to.

So a few stops of silence later (get off my back) one of the girls notices my awesome ninja star dangly thing for my phone and says "Ooh Shuriken" so now I'm not going to just let that go by. So I say "Kakoi desune?" [Cool in a manly sort of way, isn't it] and she is a bit surprised by Japanese but says Kakoi, and so do her friends. So I ask names, and then ages -- and discover they aren't high school students, they are 18/19 y.o university students who just came back from getting their driver's liscenses (which took a bit for me to understand). They were impressed that I was only 20 ("Kakoi!") And they live pretty close to/in Hitachi. They complain that its hot. I say, no its pretty fucking cold. And so they laugh and say I'm going to freeze and need some winter clothes. I comment that the jeens and sort of long sleeved shirt I'm already wearing is my winter outfits at home. They say they want to eat icecream - so I jokingly suggest lets go now (as you can get icecream at the trainstation) --- which they say no. But not in a way that said I totally stuffed it.

But don't think that I can't manage that just yet.

I then end up walking out of the station with one of them, who is looking a bit worried at being left with the gaijin all by herself. Gaijin man and Japanese girl = Kowai (scary). So she asks me where I'm going, I say the shopping center so she heads the other way. Half way to the shopping center I change my mind and head for home, deciding I should ditch my bag first. And on my way to my apartment I met the girl again - so fuck it - I look a stalker. So I walk faster so I get in front of her and ahead of her so I don't get that image. Instead she notices me walking past and says hello nervously and then ducks into the nearest building with saying goodbye again. I'm pretty sure she wasn't actually planning to go to a domestic travel bureau. But maybe she was.

I think I'm getting even less action in Japan than I did in Australia. Which I should be a statistical impossibility.


Japanese Adjectives that start with K
  • Kirei - beautiful
  • Kawaii - pretty/cute/lovely
  • Kakoi - cool (in an awesome/manly way)
  • Kowai - scary
  • Kimoi - gross (such as octopus, a butterfly* or a horny old man)
  • Kumori - cloudy (actually a noun)
  • Kurai - dark
  • Karai - spicy
  • kuroi - black
  • karui - not heavy

*see several other postings


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thanks, lol the adjectives helped!


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