October 17, 2005

You'd like to borrow some what?

Everyone *knows* that sometimes Japanese English can be a bit wierd - but it is a bit hyped up. Most Japanese adults either speak English well enough (with some common mistakes like "I went to the Tokyo" - because of stupid English grammar rules and exceptions) or they don't speak English well enough to say anything too hilariously stupid. Sometimes you will get a bad one - such as when I thought a co-worker was questioning my sexuality by saying "Would you like a boyfriend" [My response: "Umm, no. I like girls" --- she meant "Do you want any male friends because you are surrounded by women at work"]
Its in the writing you find the crazy stuff (stationary!) - mostly because poetry doesn't translate.

However kids are an exception. Its not because their English is bad --- its because they are a bit screwed up in the head.

This week a small 4 year old was scared to come into class because Halloween decorations are up. This kid is terrified of anything remotely scary - he cries and refuses to come to my lesson if a toy alligator happens to be in the classroom. Thankfully he didn't do this because of some pathetic orange plastic pumpkin cut outs hanging over the door. He did however hang outside the room and go "Gyuuniku o kashite" or in English "Lend me some cow meat".
I thought I must have misheard and I was just making up Japanese words to go with what I heard. Then he said "O-niku o agete" or "Give me some (venerable) meat". His mother heard this and then the "Niku" chants from him and his classmate who was slightly confused, but netherless enjoying the fiasco. She was seriously confused and just said sorry.

On making up Japanese words to go with what I hear. Last time I was in Tokyo and chowing down on Yoshinoya I swear their was the most insane song on the radio. Now comedy songs must exist in Japan - I have heard some - but this was a bit innapropriate as far as I could understand. The words I picked up were "Oppai" (breasts) and Bowling - and then I heard "ChinChin" a slang term for penis. And I'm just going to end that story there.


At Sun. Nov. 13, 08:56:00 pm AEST, Blogger Kate said...

I think I may use "Give me some venerable meat" as a pick-up line.


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