November 21, 2005


I went to an eating contest last night. And despite my size and frame I am actually a fast and generous eater. But I was to late to enter the Men's competition, as all places had already been filled.

However the women's competition was still open with one spot -- and no, I didn't enter -- we prepped Rachael, my co-worker, to.

The contest consisted of 3 rounds - grilled, fried and boiled gyouza. Boys had to eat 10 of each the fastest, in a knockout style contest. Be en-knowledged that teh gyouza was freshly cooked - so piping hot.

Girls had to eat only 7, and as there were only 6 --- it was just a total time based.

The boys were pretty psyched up for the event with many different strategies being employed -- straight out guzzling, pouring water on them first, or dipping them in the water and then eating them.

The girls weren't so fierce in competition. Namely because they all fell hopeless in the face of one of the barstaff who was able to devour all 7 in less than 15 seconds in the third round (and also in total faster than anyone else's first round time). Rachael however managed to get a lot closer by the end, but Hitomi still remained untouchable.

Seriously 21 piping hot gyouza (about the mass of a party sausage roll) in about one minute (maybe less) is very very impressive.


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