November 08, 2005

Training Day (+2)

I hate Shinkansen.

I hate the world.

Training didn't so much suck, it just wasn't quite what I expected.

Never mind that my Initial traing group consisted of 5 (1 quit, 1 sick). So I was with a large group of people who mostly already new a lot of each other -- which just sucks.
Also I was sick. I had a sore throat, couldn't talk, and swear I made at least 3 other people sick. Which really isn't too good.

Beer vending machines on the training center premises were turned off. Amity teachers being predominantly young Americans - and hence people with slight alcoholic tendencies* - this was not a wise idea. As an unnamed third party commentator points out, turning off beer machines is lame, but paying $40+ for a taxi into town under the cover of secrecy to purchase such 'vital' supplies as alcohol is even lamer.

Then it rained on Sunday.

I'm depressed again. Yay!

When's next Halloween?

*give it up for stereotypes

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Mediocrity should not be one's life goal


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