December 19, 2005

Don't Kill Schoolgirls

We trake a break from our overindulgance for the Festive Season to bring a heartful community message to maintain the spirit of fellowship between all human (and non-human) kind.

Don't Kill Schoolgirls

I think almost all readers can agree with the validity of this instruction. Its also pretty simple to follow. When you might be in a situation of killing schoolkids - don't!

Japan - a country well proud of its status as a low violent crime developed nation - was recently shocked by several incidents of schoolgirl murders.

In Hiroshima, a Pervian man has been indicted in strangling and molesting a 7 year old girl.

In Kyoto a 12 year old was stabbed by a young male teacher at a cram school.

And closer to me - a 7 year old girl from a neighbouring prefecture was found stabbed to death and abandonned in a forest in Ibaraki.

Working with kids this sort of news just gets to you sometimes. It also meant that Japanese news was momentarily depressing rather than "The leaves are chnaging color", "It's getting cold so stay healthy this winter", "They have lights hung up outside a train station to celebrate", and "A boy allergic to wheat and eggs is having a special cake for Christmas" (This is the NHK - Japan's BBC, ABC or NBC - NATIONAL/WORLD news).

So Think of The Children in what remains of 2005, and don't kill any this year or those that are to follow.


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